Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here begins our new week in my Photo-a-day project:)

Tuesday, July 13th- BAKING OVERLOAD!!! Mom had a big cake order to fill for the church. 300+ servings. And everyone wonders why we don't like cake???

Wednesday, July 14th- I'm dannnnngerrrouussssssss! I took this picture while driving home from church that night. It's the moon, and a really bright star. Which, is probably a planet? I don't know, but it looks really pretty :)

(Once again, I forgot to take a picture on Thursday. There's an extra for Friday to make up :) )

Friday, July 16th-Donna's 40! We went out to Houlihans for dinner with Donna and a bunch of friends. Earlier that day one of our friends came into Party City where I work and bought the hat and a necklace for her to wear. And we gave her moms gigantic "40" pin to wear :)

Same night at Houlihans. Mom and Deb thought this would be a funny picture. When dad asked what we were doing that night, she jokingly told him they were going to a mens strip club for Donna's birthday. Dad's reply? "There aren't any in the area, though" Thought it was funny that he knew. Haha

Saturday, July 17th- I'm sitting in the church cafe, and I notice they started construction for the new addition to the building. The patio is gone! :D

Sunday, July 18th- We're on our way home from shopping and we saw this on the side of the road. A groundhog, standing up while eating an apple. It was the cutest thing!

Monday, July 19th- Living room renovations! I come home from work to find a lot of extra people in my house, carpet gone, and furniture moved around. I think it looks much better! Bigger tv and surround sound, too!

Until next week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

*phew* I think I'm caught up?

Oh man. This past week was... crazy. I might be making this a weekly deal, instead of daily. I've noticed it's hard for me to concentrate and sit down nightly and post my daily pictures. Soooo, I believe I'll start posting all my pictures on Sunday nights :) Anyways! To start off where I left off last week ;)
So, it's Saturday night, July 3rd, and our 19north crew is at Eat'n'Park. Bri brought her friendly-friend ( ;] ) I can't take credit for taking this photo, but I was sitting right next to the person who did, and I claimed this as my "photo" for the day. :) Brianne likes to play with her hair. And make funny faces. Justin... well... He has no hair at all. Haha

So, TECHNICALLY this is from the same event. BUT! It was way after midnight, so then it counts as the next day, thus my picture! :D
There's annual "dance party" with Brianne or Brittany's car radios out in the parking lots, either at the church or Eat'n'park. (We were at EnP for this one.) I believe in this picture, the girls were dancing to Alejandro by Lady Gaga.

It's Monday, July 5th, and I'm at the drive-in!! A family friend of ours invited me to go with her and her two kids to see Toy Story 3 and Grown Ups. Both were really good! Toy Story 3 made me cry, and Grown Ups was super funny and made me feel better after crying! Haha! I had a blast :D

Tuesday, July 6th and it's movie week for me! I went to see The Last Airbender (really good, actually) with Brianne, Shubert (Josh) and Fran. We went to Starbucks after the movie, and we were hanging out in the grass out front of the store (pictured here). The girls started picking grass and making a grass pile (we tried to be little kids again and pretended we were making soup xD ) Bri is modeling our culinary expertise :)

Wednesday, July 7th. Baby birds!!! These cute little guys (or gals) are right outside my old bedroom window at my grandparents. Adorable!!!

(...I forgot to take a picture for Thursday, so there is an extra picture in Saturdays to make up :))

Friday, July 9th. So... it was storming. There was thunder. There was lightning. Lots and lots of lightning. And guess what? One of Zeus' bolts struck the neighbors tree. The tree fall down and go boom. And took all our power out with it. Thankfully the electric company finally came out and got our power back on (6 hours later...) and I was able to charge my phone that night before work the next morning!

Saturday, July 10th. Kate and I are driving to WalMart and we see this flying around in the skies of Cranberry. Took us forever to figure out what it said (Stupid Erie Insurance... I was hoping it was the Geico stack of money...) (Or at least the suicide hotline from Get Smart...) Darn... I still got really excited. These things remind me of our vacations at the beach :)

Saturday, July 10th #2! Bri and Kate both expressed their love for me at 19north. Bri wrote on my hand, and Kate gave me her gum. I love my BFF's! They keep me insane :)

Sunday, July 11th. This is my computer. My newly changed password computer. Changed to a password that NO ONE! will ever guess! I. Am. Awesome.

Today, Monday July 12th. For some reason, my dad has been receiving InStyle magazine for the past few months... and... We don't know why. How odd, right? Well. It's funny, for one. For two, I get some good reads every month AND good crafty ideas, too!

And this sums up my week in photos! :)
OH! And guess what! Today is 3 weeks since Michael left for deployment. Which means we're almost 1 month in! Which means we've got only 11 more to go!! TIME'S ACTUALLY MOVING!!!!! WAHOOO!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy busy busy!

Things have been pretty crazy the past few days! I promise I'll post all my pictures soon!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Year of Photos: Day 2 :)

It's day 2 and I really didn't have anything exciting happen. Really, all I did today was deliver a cake, stop by my work to say goodbye to a co-worker who was leaving, and then get some craft supplies at Jo-Anns. Getting the supplies might have been the most exciting thing. But I saw this Kodak moment as I was walking to my car from in side my work. It was on an SUV parked beside my car, and when I saw it a laughed pretty hard. Someone seriously took individual stickers and put this on their car?? I have to give them credit for it, cause it's a funny idea. If this is your car, props to you for making my day a little brighter with a good laugh :) Now I'm hungry for some chiminey-changas.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Year of Photos: Day 1 :)

So to start off this new project, here is Day 1's photo :)
This, obviously, is me :) This new project starts off with me, and Michael, who can't be in this picture due to the fact that he's a time zone behind me now. Blah. But anyways, I'll be your tour guide over the next year. Please keep your hands and arms inside the carpet at all times and here we go :)

A year of photos

So last night I was brainstorming ideas of things to do to keep me busy this year, but also something cool to do for Michael while he's away. I've seen a few people do this just because they wanted to, but my version is probably a bit different from their projects. Maybe not. Anyways...
What I plan on doing, starting today, is taking a picture a day for the whole year he's gone. (I'm sure I'll take more than one picture each day, but I'll choose the best one out of all of them)
And with those pictures will probably be a brief story/description of it. I plan on putting these all together into a scrapbook or journal for him to have when he comes home :) What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Should I add anything to that? I want some imput :D

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to blogging. For reals.

Well, yesterday was the day. Michael left early in the morning for a year of deployment. I haven't cried that hard in a very long time. I've been a wreck since then, and I don't feel like doing anything at all...
So, I probably won't be crocheting much for the next few days... *sigh* Deployment sucks...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Title? I have to have a title?

So, yesterday my "coon-mario-rug-wanting-friend" put the project on hold. BUT! I've been thinking of having my future living room Super Mario themed ANYWAYS! So I think I'm still going to give this project a go :) Hopefully this will give me enough experience to whip the other one out fast-er. Michael and I have been wanting that rug anyways, sooo.... :) So I'll still keep the countdown going on the squares :)
23 down, 357 to go :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is this thing on????

So, today began my first "official" blogging day, I suppose.
And better yet, a friend of mine commissioned me to make a smaller version of.... THIS!
How awesome is that?! The version I'm making is going to be a 4x4 size. The one in the picture is 7x7. I've got til the end of the month to finish it, which should be super easy!
I promised him I'd keep the blog updated of all the progress I've made throughout the next few weeks. I've figured out how many squares I need total, and for each color. Here goes!:
Light brown-12
Skin tone-66
Light blue-82

Making it a total of 380 squares.

As of now, I've finished all 6 gold. Woo! 6 down, 374 to go!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first blog :)

Well, this starts my journey into blogging! Since my boyfriend is deploying to Iraq for a year with the Army Reserves, I've come up with a list of things I want to accomplish and things to keep me busy during this year that he's gone. (And it can also keep him up to date on things going on in the states as well *smile* )
I'll be keeping this blog updated frequently with crochet projects, my own free patterns, recent happenings... pretty much everything going on in my life... but most importantly my crochet things :)
I will officially start adding crochet projects tomorrow :)